An Epic Journey to the Top of The World
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This expedition is one of the most challenging remote adventures in the world.

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Geographic North Pole:
90°00'00"N, 00°00'00"W
Start Position:
Ward Hunt Island, Canada
Total Distance:
415 nautical miles
478 miles
769 kilometers
Start Date:
March 2017
55 days
Lowest Temperatures:

Artic Map

The Journey

For an explorer, the North Pole represents a 775 km expedition across the Arctic Ocean.

From the Canadian side the expedition must leave solid ground at on Ward Hunt Island. The journey then sets out across polar ice. There are many obstacles to overcome, all of which make progress difficult and dangerous: constantly shifting ice floes, reverse currants, bone-grinding cold, ice walls and open water leads that expose icy water beneath. With polar bears prowling about, explorers must be constantly on the look-out and extremely vigilant. One mistake or a lack of judgment could be fatal.

Crossing the Arctic Ocean to reach the North Pole is one of the toughest, most unforgiving adventures in the world

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 To date 275 explorers have succeeded in reaching the North Pole

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